Willkommen auf meiner Homepage,

hier findet ihr eine Übersicht über meine Projekte. Wer selber entwickelt findet im Teil 'Resources' vielleicht etwas Verwendbares.

Welcome on my Homepage,

here you can find a overview of my projects. If you are developing stuff, too, you may find something in the 'Resources' section.


5th of January, 2013 - this site is outdated and I think I will not update it any more.

my projects created with Scratch: http://scratch.mit.edu/users/kddekadenz

my RPG Kelgar: http://www.indiedb.com/games/kelgar

26th of July, 2012 - updated Apps & Games

25th of April, 2012 - I added a new game called ToastBiome and updated the resources page.

3rd of April, 2012 - I updated a lot of things.

29th of February,  2012 - I won Mini Ludum Dare #32!

7th of February, 2012 - I won the PAS January 2012 RPG contest! Kelgar will be continued.

1st of February, 2012 - The Compo Version of Kelgar is released! Look here for information.

20th of January, 2012 - The deadline for the PAS Mapping Contest was fixed. Therefore I will upload Kelgar on the end of January.